Adobe Analytics API 2.0 Python

Python Tutorials for Adobe Analytics API 2.0


This blog post is gathering all of the videos that I have realized regarding the Adobe Analytics API 2.0 tutorial using my python wrapper.

The python wrapper that I have developed can be installed using the pip command:

pip install aanalytics2

More information can be found on my blog, or on Github.

In case you are not familiar with Adobe APIs and python in general, you may want to have a look at the introduction I have realized regarding that.


This video gives you an introduction on how to set the API connection for Adobe Analytics or for Launch.

It will give you an introduction to and some elements on python

Introduction to Analytics API 2.0

This video is to show you the different capabilities that are available on the Adobe Analytics API 2.0 (June 2020)

Reporting API – Part 1

This video is to showcase to you how you could use the Adobe Analytics API 2.0 to retrieve information about your account.
We will start to use python and the module I have created (aanalytics2) to retrieve information.

Get Information on your Company


I have added a new class that will help you getting companyId and connecting to your Adobe Analytics Login company. This will be the default method to start with aanalytics2. Please watch this video to get updated.

Most of the other elements demonstrated in the videos didn’t change.

Reporting API – Part 2

In this video, we will look on how to create query to retrieve freeform table information from Workspace. Then we will use some python logic to create breakdown request.

Get Data From Freeform table

Data Ingestion Module

This video is to show you that aanalytics2 has now a module to help you create your request on data insertion. This module covers 2 methods. The Data Insertion API and the new Bulk Upload API.

Data Ingestion Module

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