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Hello world,
On this article, I wanted to come back on some of the update that have been made for the aanalytics2 python module.
Because there was so much news on that release, I felt that it deserved its own blog post and I took also the opportunity to do new videos in order to refreh the demos and demonstrate how you can use these updates.

Where to look for update ?

First off, you may not need to read this if you have already read the release information for that new elements.

I am usually posting a release note that gives you the information about the new version of the module and what has been added, removed or fixed.

If you are completely new and want full doc on the methods available, you can always look at the main documentation for the Analytics class, the Legacy documentation for 1.4 support, the ingestion documentation for data insertion, and the project documentation.

Because it takes a lot of time to do a good documentation, I may not be able to replicate 100% of the possibilities I have in the documentation but most of the functions are there. If you find a function is not there, or that the definition is incomplete or not accurate, feel free to do a Pull Request. I am definitely searching for help on that part.

If you are complety new, I would suggest that you watch the videos on youtube (see other post for this) and start with the get-started documentation in a Jupyter Notebook. Once you have that, you can always call the help() method as I have a docstring for all methods.

Validate Metrics & Segments

I updated the calculated metrics capabilitiy so you can now validate your definition for calculated metrics and segments.

By calling the createCalculatedMetricsValidate or createSegmentValidate and passing your object, you can see what the server will respond.

result = myCompany.createCalculatedMetricValidate(basemetric)

You can see some details on how I use this for the creation of cost calculation in this article: Creating Cost Campaign

Adobe API 1.4

Adobe Analytics API 1.4 has still some features that the 2.0 lacks. I will not create dedicated methods for the 1.4 API but sometimes I wished that I had some capability to use it.

Therefore, I decided to create a limited support for 1.4 methods. It is not as straightfoward as my Analytics class methods but I believe that it is simple enough, and flexible enough to use it for most of your use-case.

In order to demonstrate that, I made a small video:

1.4 support demo

Project Update

This is a very cool features that I added for anyone wanting to have some governance on the component usage of their login company. What I just said is that it will give you information on who and what is being used where in Adobe Analytics.

Because this kind of search can be quite enormous, I have added some safe guards and options so you don’t waste too much time.

The idea is that you pass the elements you want to search for and it will return, for each element, if they are used in Projects, in a segment or in a calculated metrics.

I have added a documentation on this : Project documentation.

In order to support the github documentation, I created a video on this as well.

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