Adobe API – Migrating to Oauth Server to Server

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On this blog post, I will tackle the latest news regarding the migration of authentication for Oauth Server to Server on Adobe API.

JWT deprecated

Adobe has announced in 2023 that they will deprecate the JWT authentication for all of their APIs. The current setup that you have now is probably using the JWT authentication, because it is the most flexible one for creating new token.

Unfortunately, this authentication method is going away… in 2025 (January 1st to be precise).

If you go to your Project in the website, you should start to see some warnings.

If you click into these projects, you will see the following:

Do not worry too much (but worry still) as this will come into effect in January 2025, as stated in the communication.

You have more than a year to switch authentication method.

Normally, the JWT certificate created automatically by Adobe are lasting a year, so it means that all the users that have used the Adobe self-generated certificate will need to go to the developer console to change the certificate at least once before the migration, and then they should be able to see this message.

Oauth Server to Server

The new system that is put in place for Adobe API is the Oauth Server to Server, or Oauth V2.
This authentication is way easier to setup than the JWT one.

You have an extended guideline on this website :

The complexity of implementation is quite reduce and you would only need 4 elements:

  • Org ID
  • Client ID
  • Scopes
  • Secret

Adobe API Wrappers

Because I like to be prepared and I want to avoid people entering bug into my github, I have already extended all of my wrapper with the support for Oauth V2 integration.
It allows you to create a new configuration file, or use the configure method with different parameter, and use the wrappers with Oauth integration.

The new version is backward compatible, which means that it will still work with JWT integration so it does not cost you to upgrade.

The new version that supports Oauth Server to Server are:

Video tutorial

I created a video to guide you through that change, by showing how to create a Oauth Server to Server integration and use it with one of the wrapper.

In this video, I am also covering a change that has applied to API connector for Adobe Experience Platform API.

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