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On today blog post, I am taking the opportunity to review the recent change for the aepp python module package. It is now part of the Adobe official repo for Open Source projects.

aepp on

The aepp module package that wraps the Adobe Experience Platform API endpoints into easy and parameterize methods is now joining the official Adobe repo:

This is obviously a very happy moment for me because, if you did not read my bio, I am not coming from a developer background. I learned python by myself, spending evenings and weekends trying to understand how a programming language is actually working.

It took me a year to established my first connection to an API with JWT authentication, and 7 years later, I am actually helping adobe engineering to propose new solutions on Adobe Experience Platform via the aepp module.

It took away some of the impostor syndrome that everyone has when working in a field that is not their original one.

But, more importantly, it shows that everyone is capable of learning (to code), and do things that can have an impact, even if you start late.
I started learning to code at 27 years old, and I created my first wrappers after turning 30 years old.

The journey has been long and many things changed along the way. The biggest one being that I am now spending much of my time with my daughter instead of coding. I love spending time solving problems with my wrapper, I just love spending my time with my daughter much more.

What is going to change for aepp ?

Joining the official repo was not done alone, I got help from colleagues working in engineering at Adobe, but also from all the contributors from these open-sources repo.

I really enjoyed the Open-Source and python communities. I learned many things along the way and it completely changed the way I work today.

Adobe engineering just liked the idea and philosophy of this package and how easy it makes connecting different AEP services together. The package is already used for developing some new functionalities, and it is used with the same idea of serving as a glue between endpoints.

The philosophy of the package is in good hand with them.

I will continue to work on the package to try to cover all the API endpoints, but I now have some hands to help me. I am also gaining knowledge to improve the package robustness and proper release method. We have plans to set up regression testing, improving the infrastructure, the code setup, etc…

I am always having the opinion it is always better to have more brains on one problem, I am now very happy to get many great brains to share ideas on the aepp development.

What is going to change for the other wrappers ?

Some questions I received from colleagues were if I am planning to do the same for the other packages, or if I am going to fully focus on the aepp wrapper from now on.

This is not planned at the moment.
All the packages shared the same pattern, so everything that has worked for aepp should be working for the other packages. I can gain some scalability from there.

However, if I were to do publish the other packages under the Adobe umbrella, the work will not change for me, as I would be the only one to take care of it, so in that case, it would just add more pressure.

Due to life events, I am not always able to follow as fast as I want the bugs or development I want for the packages. Having all the packages to Adobe GitHub would put more pressure and no benefit.

Everything is already available on pypi.

What is it going to change for me ?

Some has wondered if I am going to change role from consultant to engineering and spend more time on my package(s).

I still like my clients and I like to solve problem that have some business background, not technical optimization for code. Also, nothing was offered, so I am planning to stay in the consulting organization.

I feel like nowadays, more and more clients are getting educated with the power of the API, also the new generation (of clients and consultants) are more and more able to use python, so it is easier to find people able to use these wrappers at client side.

Finally, the work done on the wrappers, this blog or in the YouTube channel is still mostly driven by late evening and weekend, so I still appreciate when people understand that it may take time to answer you and develop things further.

Have fun coding !

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