Adobe Analytics API 2.0

Adobe Analytics API 2.0 : aanalytics2 – upgrade 0.3.1

Hello everyone,

I have released recently a major update on the Adobe Analytics API 2.0 wrapper: aanalytics2.

Like each time, I have published a release note on my github if you want to read the documentation:

Neverthelesss, because I find the new capabilities quite awesome, I have also decided to realize some videos to demo them to you.
Again, those are videos realized on my personal time with private tools, so do not expect “Adobe quality” videos.

Workspace Class

The first video is the most complete and it will introduce you to 2 new things from the aanalytics2 module:

  • Workspace class
  • getReport2 method

You always have the capability with the module to realize reporting and generate a dataframe thanks to the getReport method. This method returns a dictionary that contains the data and some contextual information.
In addition to this method, I provide a getReport2 method that return an instance of a new class, that I called Workspace, and provide attribute and methods.

You can now better interact with the result of your request.

The video quickly shows you (again) the usage of the RequestCreator class that allows you to manipulate the request to your report easily, in order to scale efficiently.

Schedule Reports

Getting scheduled reports have been a capability of the aanalytics2 module for a long time, I extended this capability with the create, update and delete methods related to this endpoint.

Because this endpoints and this capability is not officially release on the Analytics API 2.0 documentation, this video tries to explain you briefly how to use this method and the caveat that you need to be aware of.

I hope you found this update useful, do not hesitate to comment on it if you need.

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