What happened to Datanalyst mid 2020 ?

Hello everyone,
As you may have noticed now, it has been some times since I have posted new content on the blog, thus the legitimate question: What happened to the blog since May 2020 ?

To give you a simple answer, I didn’t slack off and was actually busier than ever. We will cover some of the things that I have been working on and are coming soon to you.

API videos

The most importance things that I have done during the last month were my videos to introduce you on the Adobe Analytics API 2.0 and the Launch API.

The first release was about the Adobe Analytics API 2.0, and I quickly learned that my videos were a bit long. I don’t mind creating lengthy videos to explain all details of the python wrapper but it became clear that it would be better to limit to a 20mn.

I tried to trim down the next videos for the Launch API according to this new format. I hope it will make it easier for the following of these series.

Overall, you can find here:

API support, enhancement and fixing

With the growing popularity of the open APIs I have given to the community, there is a need for support and some very nice enhancement have been made during the last months (Data Ingestion API, Virtual ReportSuite).

I have been following up and the APIs are more and more stable and gather more and more capabilities. To that, thanks to everyone that are opening a bug ticket in my github. Too many time, we focus on the developer but this is also helping the community.

That being said, you can still see that neither of the tool I have developed have reached a 1.0.0 version. So be mindful of future development that may break your current version.
I don’t expect major changes to come soon but some methods may evolve in order to simplify the usage of the API wrapper even more.

Overall, I am always trying to be mindful of backward compatibility but I do not want that to be a limitation for better or more features.

ACDL Launch Extension

The ACDL is the Adobe Client Data Layer. If you have not heard about that, I encourage you to look for more information.I will do a series of blog probably on that subject. The idea is to move to the Event Driven Data Layer.
The work has been realized by the AEM Team and they did a great job with their first release.

The ACDL is open-source so you can find the different library here, and you can find the github here. This most likely the default and prefer way to integrate a Data Layer with Adobe Experience Manager for the future. It is part of the core services starting AEM 6.4 if I am not saying a mistake.

The main challenge was that this is natively available in AEM but not every Adobe customer is using AEM for their website. From there, I have proposed to encapsulate the logic of the ACDL into a Launch Extension and some consultants joined force to realize this task.
You will know more on a dedicated article about it.

AEP API wrapper

For those of you that are following my github, you may have seen that I started the development of the AEP API wrapper. That project on itself is massive (massive, here, is an understatement) and there is no end date planned.

I am now involved in more and more use-cases regarding AEP and therefore, I am trying to automate and increase efficiency using the API when possible.

I am hoping to do some demo in beginning 2021 on how to use it.

That was the main elements that have evolved around datanalyst during the last 3 months, on top of resting and enjoying the summer as much as I could during a pandemic.
I hope you did as well, remember, this is not a sprint but a marathon.

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