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Connecting Python and JS with launchpy 0.3.5

Hello world,
On this blog post, I am just posting a video to demonstrate the new capabalities of the launchpy where you can connect your JavaScript development with your python tool more easily than ever.


I know it is strange but there wasn’t any proper easy method to actually request a single ruleComponent before.
This is because I usually downloaded all of them when I needed.
Now you can download a single ruleComponent based on its ID by this method.

Encoding file made easier

Some of you that use my wrapper in depth may have noticed that I created a saveFile method in order, well… to save your different elements in a file.
I had several challenges related to encoding recently and there was no easy way to fix it.

So I decided to expose the encoding capability of the native open() method in python.
I also added an encoding parameter to the methods that save your custom code. By default it will be using the “UTF-8” encoding but in case of unfamiliar characters (japanese or arabic) you may want to use UTF-16.
Methods considered:

  • saveFile
  • extractSettings
  • extractAttributes
  • extractAnalyticsCode

Update Methods

You now have additional capabilities to update component with the launchpy module.
You have the updateProperty where you can specify directly update the Property configuration based on the information provided here:

More importantly, you can now directly upload your custom code for Adobe Analytics or for the CORE extension via Launchpy.
You will need to use the updateCustomCode method, and as explained above, it only works for custom code for CORE or Adobe Analytics extensions.

In order to have a preview, check the video below:

I hope you find this video helpful and that it will help you on your development process.

Let me know in the comments if you have any feedback or questions.

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