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AAM API : returnAudienceData Method

The returnAudienceData method is the most important method of all. It is the one I have started with and the one that actually gives you the data. At the very beginning, when I learned Adobe Audience Manager, I discover that there are some tools available for batch import of information but the amount of information for traits and segments where very easily so important than those tools where not efficient anymore.
It took up to 5 minutes to download all the data for all the traits for a large account. I have then tested to do this with Python and it took 15 secondes to download all the traits,…. segments, destinations and data sources.

Requesting data from Audience Manager

This method is quite simple and have limited possibilities.
The potential parameter of this method is :

  • data : REQUIRED : it can takes those values :
    • all : return Traits, Segments, Data Sources and Destinations information
    • traits: return the traits & trait folders
    • segments: return the Segments & segments folders
    • datasources: return the data sources
    • destinations : return the destinations

This method will return you a dictionary of data frame with the information you have requested.
On top of that, the function will create an excel file with the number of sheets according to the number of information you have requested.
For “all” statement, the excel file will have 6 different sheets.

Example of query for this method :

data = aaudience.returnAudienceData() #by default data=all

from that variable, if you want to select the traits only :

myTraits = data['Traits']

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