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AAM API : Introduction

Hello everyone,
This is the first post of a list on the Adobe Audience Manager API wrapper on python. I have been working on this quite long time ago but I couldn’t finish it really due to my other projects and my actual work.

I am still learning that tool and it has quite an extensive eco-system so I am far from having completed my learning journey on it. I miss some of the business case that would make this wrapper really useful and simplifying some of the most common work you are doing with Adobe Audience Manager.

However, I think that this can already help some persons when dealing with Audience Manager because this tool deals with a lot of semi structured data, where python is actually one of the mastery tool to use.

Why did I create this API ?

The best way to learn is actually to do the thing you want to learn, and to try to teach them but this is for another blog post ๐Ÿ˜‰ .
As I stated before, I am now learning the Adobe Audience Manager platform as Adobe Consultant and even if I read all the documentation available on the product, it doesn’t bring me really close to actually know what to do with that product.

One of the thing I quickly identify is the vast amount of data that need to be managed to make this tool relevant.
On Adobe Analytics, a product I am familiar with, the amount of data are only important if you really want to do quite advance analysis.
You can do very powerful analysis with a handful of data points well selected, it makes things easier to digest for the user. With Adobe Audience Manager, you have to deal with large amount by default if you want to just use that tool. And if you want to really use this tool in an advance way, then more than large amount of data, you need to have prepare your data taxonomy really well. More important than ever, your preparation is very important.


The basic requirement for you is to know the Adobe Audience Manager tool. ๐Ÿ™‚
This is not a very popular tool (yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), at least not as popular as Adobe Analytics but personally see HUGE potential for creating your data management platform.
For using the Adobe Audience Manager API, you would need to request an API access from Adobe itself. At the moment I wrote this article, it is not yet possible to create this kind of access on your own. So Adobe will provide you the different information that are required for the connection.
I am using those information in the API and I developed a way for persons using this API to navigate through different user access easily.

I would recommend you to create a txt file with the following info inside, one information by line : (those information are provided by Adobe)

clientID = YourClientID
clientSecret : YourSecrets
partnerName YourName
username = YourUsername
password = Password

I set on red the different elements that are required for you to have in this your file.
The python script will look for the different elements that you see in red and the value in quote (simple or double quotes, doesn’t matter) that is associated with it.

Therefore, using the API for multiple account is fairly simple.

On top of that (and python ๐Ÿ™‚ ), you will need to have those different python libraries :

  • base64 library
  • pandas (if you follow this blog, you’ll probably already have it)
  • requests
  • pathlib

What isย covered by this Adobe Audience API ?

This API will enable you to fetch all the information enter in the Adobe Audience platform for your account.
On top of that, it will enable the search and realize modification of traits and segments within the python tool.
I take advantage of the pandas library and data handling offers by that library to offer myself simplify version of data connection.

Overall on this wrapper you can find :

  • A Method to retrieve Segments, Traits, DataSource, Destination, Segment Folder, Traits Folder.
  • A Method to import new Segments or Traits
  • A Method to update Segments or Traits
  • A class to manage the data you retrieve from your account

Who can use this API ?

I designed while learning Adobe Audience Manager at the same time, I am seeing lots of potential on digging deeper on Segments and Traits creation but didn’t find the right approach yet. However dealing with the enormous possibilities offer by Adobe Audience Manager is quite challenging and for the moment I feel that this API is enough when you need to deal with your traits and segments.
I believe that almost everyone that has familiarity with python and Adobe Audience Manager can used this wrapper.

Where to find the Adobe Audience Manager API for Python ?ย 

Pretty easy, you would need to go to my github account where I store the different scripts :

The name of the module to install is : aaudience (for Adobe Audience)

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  1. This is a perfect introduction and the module comes very handy, however it seems that it is not covering all of the possible options.
    Will this module evolve in the future ?

    1. Hello Frank, yes this module will be developed further as I’ll encounter more use-cases (and I have time to develop)
      Stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰

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