Adobe Analytics API 1.4

Adobe Analytics API : Requirements

Starting Guide for the Adobe Analytics API

Before you start using the module, there are several things that you need to do to ensure the possibility.

Adobe prep side

  1. Make sure that you have a marketing cloud id and you are an administrator.
    Most of the method that the API uses are based on you having administrator access.
  2. Go to User Access Legacy in Adobe Analyitcs:
    User Management legacy
  3. Once you are on the page, click on “Legacy Oauth Application” follow by “Add Application”
  4. You will be presented with the different services that you want your API client to have access to.
    If you have a specific requirement for your API (ie : one app only for reports, another for user management) I would recommend to split your different API with the specific access.
    Service Selection
    For the sake of my test account, I gave myself access to all services. The minimum access I would recommend for using this Python API are :

    • Report
    • ReportSuite
    • Segments
    • Clalculated Metrics
    • Data Warehouse
  5. Once you are done with the previous step, it is the easiest one :
    Retrieve the API Key and Client Secret.
    Credential for application
    The API key and Client Secret are important information that you need to retrieve in order to use the API.
    Copy them and keep them somewhere safe

Python prep side

You will need some preparation on Python side so you can use the API.

  • Install Python 🙂
  • Install the following library :
    • pandas
    • requests
    • pathlib
    • json (should be by default)
    • time (should be by default)
  • Get to my GitHub and get the python module “aanalytics” :
  • Place this python module to the Lib folder and make sure Python has access to that folder.
    The folder should be something like : python37/Lib
    Inside there are lots of .py files
  • in the file, you will have on the first lines those elements :
    _reportSuite=”Setup aanalytics
    You will need to fill the 2 first elements with the information you have retrieved on the first step.
    The last information is the report suite you would like to use for reporting.

When you have done all of those steps, you can start with the different step for Adobe Analytics API.

### Tip
In case you need to update your reportsuite to deal with multiple reportSuite, you can change it by assigning a new value on your console
example : aanalytics._reportSuite=’mynewreportsuite’
This will reset your report suite for the life of your python kernel

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