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Adobe Analytics API 2.0 : aanalytics2 v0.2.8

Hello everyone,

a very short article this time to demonstrate the capability that has been released with the aanalytics2 python module update to the version 0.2.8.

Decode Adobe Analytics requests

The main idea came from a discussion on the measure slack. I am not often present on that slack because I am using my own company slack but I always found some perls and good community ideas that help me to either drive or improve the module I have created (or other idea).

The ask was pretty simple: How to decode the requests that Adobe Analytics send from the page with python.
I had already a script to do that but then it actually hit me that I never included that script in my library, mostly because I am an AEP consultant now, so I am doing less and less on Adobe Analytics and more in CJA.

I created a method that is the decodeAArequests method.
It takes 3 possible arguments:

  • file: in case you want to give the path to a file. The file can be either a txt or xlsx file (I would always recommend to have a file located in the same folder than your script).
  • urls : in case you want to pass the request directly (as a string) or a bunch or requests (list of string)
  • save : this will save the decode version of your request(s) in a csv file.

The bonus on that is that it returns a DataFrame and everyone familiar with python will have easy time to manipulate these elements.

I tried to make the element quite robust and I hope that will help you on debuging or Q/A-ing your implementation.

I also did a youtube video to demonstrate that capbility directly as it makes things easier to understand the process for that decoder from Adobe Analytics requests.

As usual, have fun and don’t hesitate to let a comment


    1. If your network use a proxy, this is currently not supported.
      Funding or help on this project is required so I can dedicate some time on that issue.
      Sorry, only limited freetime available for this.

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