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Adobe IO : User Management : Retrieve Information.

On this post I will explain the different method available for retrieving information on your account. The module provides 2 functions to retrieve information on your account.

This article will be short but those 2 methods are the most important ones, so they deserved their own post.

function retrieveInfos

This function enables you to retrieve the global information provided by the API. The information type are available by modifying the info argument. The fileType will define which type of file will be written with these information. verbose will provide the possibility to print some comment while the information are being retrieved.

This function returns a dictionary, the values of the dictionary will contain the information retrieved as pandas dataframe.

Parameters :
info : OPTIONAL : Default value ‘all’, possibles values :
“users” : retrict the information retrieved to users only
“groups” : retrict the information retrieved to groups only
“all” : retrieve users and groups.
fileType : OPTIONAL : Default value ‘csv’. Can be ‘xlsx’ for having excel format
verbose : OPTIONAL : Default False. If set to True, print information.


This function will return you information for a specific user only.
In case you have too much users when you request your account information and you would like to focus only to few, you can use this method to request only those users, and then merge the different results.

user : REQUIRED : valid email address to request information.
verbose : OPTIONAL : Default False. If set to True, print information.

Normally with those 2 functions, you will be able to retrieve all the information that are available from the API.

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