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This article is to explain you the new type of post that I will start to write this year. 

It is very different from what I have written so far but I find that some times taking a step back on your actions and have an overview on what you are trying to realize is helpful. As consultant, but also when I worked in-house, I always tried to realize my action not to fix a problem but to anticipate the other problems that are coming.

It can also happen that you have to deal with situations that are not requiring your analytical skills. Having knowledge of other concepts or ideas is really helping building your conscious of the world.

On this series of blog posts, I will try to cover different topics and tell how I apply them in my working environment. Those topics will be about Philosophy, Sociology and other high level concepts that can help on daily life.

This will represent my interpretation of some ideas or concept but as I am not a philosopher or a sociologist, I am sure that this can be interpreted differently.

Overall, I am seeing more and more people looking forward to identify such concepts in order to comprehend the world that we are dealing with. Maybe because I am getting older and people are not trying to be wiser 😀 .
Maybe the state and the growing complexity of our world force people to look for proper model to rely on.

In any case, I was fortunate enough to have look at this for a long time now so I feel that I can share my view on some ideas and concepts. Some of my friends are also into looking at those “big” questions and this help on discovering these ideas.

At the end, this series has to be seen as invitation to read out-of-your-field literature, not to provide answer or spread my view.

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