To Introduce myself :

I am a 30 something guy that loves about data analysis. That is the good starting point here 😉
Other than that, I have done marketing studies and as I started in my first companies, opportunities were given to me in order to tend towards more technical subject. Bit by bit, or byt by byt, I joined the technical-side of the online marketing field.
From basic SEO to Technical SEO, then from Analyst to Web Analyst and then to Data Analyst.
Testing Manager also was kind of front development job and I liked the numorous things I learned there.
Nowadays I am, what is call a Web Analyst and try to lean towards the more python coding side of Machine Learning.
On my early steps yet but getting there slowly.
I found it super hard to start this journey as I didn’t have any technical background of some sort. At the end I had to learn most of it by myself, from books to video tutorial to lots of try / fail technics.
I would like this website to help you on your path to become a data analyst, let’s see how far it gets.